Knowledge for Impact

Smart, strategic business and management solutions for organizations of social change

What does it take to build a sustainable organization?

Your task is complex. The tools to create an efficient work system, manage costs, foster a flexible environment, and create desired impacts are just a few of the key elements sustainable organizations need to expand their opportunities and thrive.
Knowledge for Impact works with entrepreneurial, early-stage organizations and guides them every step of the way.
We can help your organization make the most of its expertise as it moves from prototype to launch and scale. We provide strategic, adaptive, solution-focused services — the information you need expertly tailored to your organization’s requirements.


What We Provide:

Strategic Assessment

+ Evaluate market opportunities and the competitive landscape
          + Find & promote cross-sector alliances and partnerships

Project Management

          + Provide results-based project design and management

 Evaluation Strategies & Tools

          + Share techniques to measure and analyze impact

Earned Income Strategies

          + Research and evaluate earned revenue opportunities

Knowledge & Information Services

          + Provide ways to identify strategic knowledge and for staff to better share information to break
down barriers, make new connections & build bridges between communities

What will it take to be the 21st-century model of social change?

We can help you respond to changing conditions and demands, attract the best people, seize available opportunities, make a business case that’s clear and credible to stakeholders, attract partnership and investment, and promote the needs and strengths of your constituents.